Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Pretty AND useful -- just like me! 

Check this out -- its a graphical representation of the current top news stories. The more articles there are about the topic [looks like they're scanning Google news, so that's who you're depending on for partiality], the more space it takes up. And it's all color-coded, and you can choose what country you want your news coming from, and what types of articles you care about... Newsmap may singlehandedly get me more aware of the world around me -- cuz how could i resist all the pretty colors?

(link via By The Way...)

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Who, me? Ego surf? 

I'm just pleased to report that Googling the phrase "more than you can stick a shake at" provides 6 whole hits, only one of which bears no reference to me. Yay for (almost) uniqueness!

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think of me as your curator 

Today's offering is a bit of art that has pleased me (and Amy, who originally found it) to no end. As a way of tantalizing you just enough to make the trip over to the artist's site, here's my two favorites:

now go! Go i tell you!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

It's not just cuz it's late... 

I think this is so incredibly cool! Go to Aviation Development Council's Airport Monitor and choose an airport (me, i'm looking at Newark, since i'll be flying thru there tomorrow and they seem to be the only airport not able to deal with the snow) and watch all the planes flying around! Looks like there's a couple circling around waiting to land... or maybe they've been turned away? Hypothetically i could click on a plane and find out where it's flying to, but that info just shows up as an asterisk, no matter which aircraft i choose -- maybe that's considered classified information these days...

in any case, this is MESMERIZING, but i'm forcing myself to turn off the computer and grab some sleep. it's no good going off to vacation sleep deprived, now is it?

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Scenes from my childhood 

From my CCD class, to be exact -- apparently the best selling artist of all time (according to Harper Collins who may be less than objective here, but let's pay that no mind) is the illustrator of the Good News Bible. Yes, the simple line drawings that mesmerized me during class at St. Chris are being celebrated as the most frequently sold artwork.

These rank right up there in coolness with the first aid/help around the house/how do things work pamphlets that you could always pick up at the county fair. in fact, i believe they've got some religious-themed pamphlets as well. but since they're free, they'll never rival the bible in sales. :-)

(Bible link via BookSlut)

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Friday, March 05, 2004

Word of the Day 


Apparently it's a synonym for ditzy, with an unknown etymology. Merriam Webster's got it, but no-one else does. And you know what? that's fine with me -- one reference is all i need to introduce a word into my regular conversation.

(where'd I find it? That bastion of lexicography: TVGuide)

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