Tuesday, August 16, 2005

my inner child is wildly impressed 

Sony is making a commercial which involves dropping thousands upon thousands of little bouncy balls down a hill in San Francisco. and there's no CGI involved -- they really did use actual balls!

Photo set #1

Photo set #2

and it sounds like they thought ahead and put up lots of netting to catch the balls and covered over grates & manholes and hired 100 people to go thru the bushes to pick them all up afterwards. wow!

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i'm moving on up 

well, over 1 town actually. but that's neither here nor there. i think this run-down of steps for moving should prove pretty helpful, since right now my brain is refusing to get organized about this.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

optimistically thinking ahead 

Someday, when i'm feeling ambitious, i just may try to convert some of my LPs (and maybe even a cassette or two) to mp3s. and when that day comes, i'll be glad i found this how-to guide.

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