Thursday, August 17, 2006

fond memories 

The Cat Came Back

this was one of our favorite songs in elementary music class. and then, just after high school, I went to an animation festival and saw this film based on the song and thought it was glorious. i never saw it again.... til now! ye gods, i love the internet!

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

it'd be cooler if my memory was better 

How many metros around the world have you been on?

sadly, there are many cities that i know i've been in, but that i cannot actually remember whether i've been on their subway or not. like, say, Vancouver, which i visited only LAST SUMMER. i know i took a bus; i know we drove a lot; i have no idea if we actually went underground. sigh.

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not that i get lost all that much, honest! 

this is a lovely combo of Google Maps and the MBTA -- verrrrrrrrrrry useful. heck, it's even got the Silver Line on it, which i'm pretty darn clueless about, so yay for that!

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