Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I konw ylal hvae hraed aobut the rsceearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy 

i know, i know, i should have gotten this out of the way long ago, but i want to point the world to the discussion at LanguageHat, where,
among other things, it is determined that:

  • it's next to impossible to track down the origin, so it's more likely a joke/hoax than a result of an actual study
  • it really seems like longer words are harder to comprehend
  • possibly the degree of mixed-up-ness of the internal letters can make a difference
  • this works pretty well in english but not all other languages
  • context definitely has a lot to do with it
  • this paragraph drives proofreaders crazy

    hrm. there was something else, but i read the discussion a couple of days ago. perhaps i'll re-read it later....

    on a related topic, here's blurb about a book which researches how the concept of "words" came about. Seems like it's really just a phenomemon in writing language -- oral languages tend to just think of syllables. And they use the term 'aerated script' which just sounds incredibly cool to me...


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