Wednesday, September 24, 2003

What's the Dewey Decimal number for lucridity? 

I agree with the NYTimes on many points about the lawsuit against the Library Hotel. First off, i had no idea that anyone owned the Dewey Decimal system. Secondly, the whole idea of the hotel is just cool cool cool. a hotel that provides you with books other than the Gideon's Bible might not be worth $300/night, but if i could expense it, i'd be there. but lastly, how does the Online Computer Library Center get away with "seeking damages of three times the profits the hotel has made since it opened." THIS i do not comprehend. If the hotel has made X dollars, how can the OCLC be hypothetically deprived of any more than X dollars? that math just don't add up.

and is lucridity a word? if not, it sure should be.


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