Wednesday, October 08, 2003

oh what a beautiful day! 

First off, so i don't forget in a month and a half: PBS will be showing the 1998 London production of Oklahoma! on Nov 22 (at least in the NYC & Boston area; other PBS stations' schedules may vary). Now there's something I can give thanks for -- i was actually living in London when this show was running, and i can distinctly remember walking by the posters and thinking "Why would i want to see Oklahoma done by a bunch of Brits?" Apparently the answer was so that i could have started my Hugh Jackman obsession earlier than the rest of the world. i've tried to make up for my mistake by buying the CD, but you know that's not enough. i'm really looking forward to seeing this.

In other Hugh news, the CD recording of The Boy From Oz will be available Nov. 18. It's already on my wish list.

No Broadway recording announced yet, but we've got yet another gorgeous pic and some quotes from Raul about Taboo. And apparently he's Catholic. tell me that he's single, and i'll move to NYC in a heartbeat. I'll even forgive his mouthing-off article in playbill a few days ago (not that i wouldn't want to be in Assassins if i were him. i just figure that publicizing it is not the way to keep Rosie happy)

(via BroadwayStars)


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