Saturday, November 22, 2003

where lunchtime conversations can lead to... 

Thanks to my boss, i have been recently introduced to the joy of Lean Pockets. not as guilt inducing as Hot Pockets (only 7 grams of fat!), but still quite yummy and with a hypothetical 15 flavors to choose from (not that i've seen that wide a variety in my supermarket yet).

A bunch of us chose them for lunch yesterday, which led to an over-long conversation on how crispy they were for something that was microwaved, and what was so special about the "crisping sleeve" that you encase the pocket in before microwaving commences.

Since i'm not one to let go of a topic easily, i am able to give to you the fruits of my labor - the patents that the crisping sleeve relies upon:

  • 4,641,005: Food receptacle for microwave cooking
  • 4,775,771: Sleeve for crisping and browning of foods in a microwave oven and package and method utilizing same
  • 4,780,587: Overlap seam for microwave interactive package insert
  • 4,948,932: Apertured microwave reactive package

    Look up the details yourself (i contented myself with reading the abstracts) at the US Patent & Trademark Office's web site. Just put in the patent numbers (sans commas) in for your Term, and choose "Patent Number" as your field. Hours of entertainment will ensue!


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