Monday, December 15, 2003

TTT - my reactions to the extension 

Summary: i still like it; not sure that the original release wasn't better; am now more than ready to see ROTK! Middle Earth, here i come!

The new Boromir scenes, aside from giving me an extra chance to drool over Sean Bean, actually really helped with the Faramir scenes. before i had wondered about his seemingly abrupt change of heart; now, having seen evidence that he was basically a good guy with a lousy father, it felt more like he was reverting to form rather than suddenly holding a new position. so that addition was all to the good. plus it inspired me to watch two Sharpe movies yesterday for some extra Sean-appreciation, and there's nothing wrong with that!

i find myself in the strange position of not really appreciating the extra screen time they gave to Eowyn. i feel like making her all lovelorn over aragorn took away from the fiestiness of her character. maybe this is just my aversion to "kissing movies" (tm Princess Bride), but i liked her better when there was less of her. [see, Christopher Lee -- sometimes it's better when you have less screen time!] i have to admit tho, that finding out that Aragorn is 87 does give more support to why he, of all people, should be such a force in the war.

i'm not certain, but i think there were more dwarf jokes in the extended version. I thought there were too many in the original cut. sigh.

I enjoyed Pippin more this time round -- probably because i saw Billy Boyd in Master & Commander in the meantime and have decided he's a decent actor; Pippin is still a fairly useless character. I have to agree with Tom B's assessment of pipeweed -- from the hobbits' reactions, this stuff has got to be closer to marajuana than tobacco. [grin]

that scene where Legolas swings himself up onto a running horse? still incredibly awesome. i knew it was coming and still couldn't stop myself from cheering.

overall, while i can see why the extra bits are good and useful and pretty durn satisfying, i can also see why they were cut. the pacing was just slightly off, whereas i remember the original cut being a fast-paced whirlwind.


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