Monday, January 26, 2004

Has no one else noticed... 

... that Lost In Translation is NOT a comedy?

it's a damn fine drama. i really enjoyed it, and one of my first reactions after seeing it was "Bill Murray deserves an Oscar for this."

so i'm happy that he has a Golden Globe to sit on his desk, and he should be very proud of his work, but dammit, Johnny Depp was in an honest-to-god comedy and thus should be clutching that award right now. just like Finding Nemo should have a Best Comedy GG, leaving me sad yet accepting about Bend It Like Beckham's loss.

I know they just figured that LiT had no chance against Mystic River & ROTK, and thus decided to stick it in the comedy category. But its wrong wrong wrong (man, i write that a lot) and people in charge of the categories should be ashamed of themselves. Bending the rules like this leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and LiT doesn't deserve that as a legacy.


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