Friday, January 23, 2004

Save me from myself 

Just found this intriguing entry over at Neil Gaiman's Journal:

Are you aware of the appallingly addictive Hamlet text adventure found here:

http://www.robinjohnson.f9.co.uk/adventure/hamlet.html# ?

I miss text-based adventures like Zork and Adventure. Stab Claudius With Scissors. Talk To Ophelia. Get Fluff.

and in just five minutes' playing I was hooked. (Play flute. Talk to ghost.)

Have i tried it yet? egads, no. i want to keep my job. i spent way too much of the workday yesterday playing penguin baseball to risk another online distraction. but tomorrow? i may not leave the apartment if it's any good.

sadly, penguin baseball seems to be blocked from the world right now. but maybe it will be back...

Update: Wahoo! Penguin baseball has resurfaced!


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