Sunday, April 04, 2004

My new desktop image 

I was shopping for picture frames the other day and saw some great colorful artwork on display. Turns out, there's this guy going around the boston area leaving cool little pieces of artwork which are free for the taking -- as long as you promise to start smiling more often at random people.

it's a very cool idea -- i've noticed myself that i'm much less friendly to random people i encounter than i was when i lived in the countryside. and while there's good healthy reasons behind that, i think the city-types tend to go too far in being reserved -- it does tend to morph from "not bothering others" to "seeming unpleasant towards everyone".

i haven't yet seen any of his artwork floating around unclaimed on the streets, and i'm not sure i'm in the market for $75+ artwork, so i don't own any of his little creatures yet. but i think i'll start smiling more anyways. :-)


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