Thursday, May 13, 2004

Delayed, but not forgotten 

This year's nominations for the Tony's are out, and I'm quite the happy camper for the following reasons:

  • My man Hugh, to no one's surprise, is up for Best Actor. Tho it is a surprise that Boy From Oz got a best musical nod; I guess it's hard to fill 5 slots for every category.

  • Taboo itself didn't make it, but the wonderful Raul Esparza is up for Best Supporting Actor. You go girl!

  • Both Avenue Q and John Tartaglia got nominations! Muppets (and uber-cute muppeteers) rule!

  • Assassins is up for Best Revival of a musical. It's an odd little piece, but i love it and i'm glad that its tendency to be performed during wartime hasn't killed it a 2nd time.

  • plus, how can you be upset about nominations for Kristin Chenowith, Kevin Kline & Christopher Plummer. color me happy!

    On the more acquistion-oriented side of life, the soundtrack for Bounce is finally available, and we've got a release date for the US Taboo CD: May 25. Yes, you know where my discretionary income is going.


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