Monday, June 14, 2004


I got a digital camera for Christmas, and i've been having lots of fun playing with it. I've even taken quite a few shots that i felt rather proud of and have been thinking of redoing my website to show them off. and then I took a look at Dave's photo album and came back down to earth about my photographic prowess. He has such an eye for scenery pics, it almost makes me weep. Go look at the New Zealand/Australia section or the Death Valley pics if you don't believe me.


I just found this link to my site in my web-site's access logs. Thank you very much! I'm really curious how you got to my site in the first place? Do I know you, maybe indirectly?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 March, 2005 07:17  

Dave --

While it's tempting to play a guessing game with you to make you figure out who I am, I'll be nice and just say that you know me fairly directly - I'm Maura. Mer was gushing about your photography and needed to prove how good you were [even tho I already knew it from the Australia/New Zealand slideshow] so she showed me your site.

By Blogger Stoat, at 04 March, 2005 09:49  

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