Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Getting from here to there in style 

This post is thanks to Discover magazine. Last year i switched my subscription to it from Scientific American (which is a cool mag, but takes more brain power than i have in the morning, which is generally when i read magazines). And the May issue has just the coolest comparison of bridges!

Of course there's our local pride & joy, The Leonard Zakim Bridge which does a great job of running with the Bunker Hill Monument style.

But that's tiny compared to the bridge they plan to build at Gibraltar -- the central span will be over SIX MILES! For comparison, the Zakim Bridge only has a central span of 0.15 miles, and the Brooklyn bridge is only twice that long.

However, in my opinion, the coolest bridge is the Alamillo bridge, built for the '92 World Expo in Seville (you can also take a look at it here if you drill down under "Projects"). The Barqueta bridge which is also in Seville and created for the same expo, is also pretty cool, but doesn't have the same shock value. I mean, you expect bridges to be vaguely symmetrical -- the Alamillo looks like something is missing. It also gives the impression that there's way more tension building up than can possibly be good, but they assure me it works. I never thought i would say i have a favorite bridge, but here we are. :)


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