Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Krispy Kreme will be my downfall 

You know, it was ok when there was no Krispy Kreme in Boston -- we would get the occasional delivery of day-old donuts when someone came back from a business trip (nuke 'em for 8-11 seconds, depending on your microwave), and that was that.  Frequent enough to make life feel good, not so frequent as to worry about my clothes still fitting.

But not only have they opened THREE locations in the greater Metro Boston area --Medford, Dedham (??  since when?  i missed that opening!) & the Pru .  No, now they have to come up with the ultimate summer caffeinated drink - a drinkable glazed donut.

Curse them!  Curse them and their kind! Curse them and the evil that causes this unhappiness!  (or rather, this overindulgence.)


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