Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I feel so guilty 

I'm responsible for shattering someone's world view.

we're running low on sodas, and have a severe dearth of Coke & Pepsi. M came in, announced the problem to the world, as well as his decision to settle for a Fresca. the following conversation ensued:

Stoat: M, i never pictured you as a diet drinking man.
M: This is Fresca.
Stoat: Yep. It's diet.
M: No it's not. It's Fresca.
Stoat: I'm telling you, there's no sugar in that.

PAUSE while M reads the label

M: Zero calories. huh. I bet it's not going to taste as good anymore.

And sure enough, even with the memory of Caddyshack to sustain him, Fresca now disappoints. I really ought to get that brain/mouth filter checked out....


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