Friday, August 27, 2004

I've found my Olympics obsession 

And the winner is.....

Men's Handball.

i caught it this morning during breakfast, and now i'm hooked. it's enough like basketball for me to know what's going on, but it's got enough soccer aspects to make it feel new for me. plus it looks about as rough & tumble as rugby, so what's not to love? I've fallen for the Croatian team who were just flashy & fabulous during this morning's win over Hungary. They all rock, but since i need someone to focus on, i've chosen Blazenko Lackovic who had an incredible goal this morning (tho i can't seem to find a photo online of that particular moment; i'm hoping one will show up here or here or here eventually). why not Ivano Balic who seems to be the star of the team? because i can't be at all predictable, don't you know that by now?

Gotta go thru NBC's Dummy's Guide to Handball before the next match, which seems to be on CNBC at 2pm on Saturday. And then the finals [when i'll get to see the Croatians again] are on NBC sometime on Sunday afternoon -- hello, VCR!

ETA: There's my boy!

again, ETA: And they got the gold! in fine form! wahoo! [or however you say that in Croatian]


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