Friday, October 29, 2004

Did you know the Sox haven't won the series in over 39 hours? 

As part of your ongoing celebration of all things Sox, go read about Theo. and if you're at all curious about why it was a good thing to trade Garciaparra for Cabrera, Mientkiewicz and Dave Roberts, then go read Moneyball by Michael Lewis. As an added bonus it explains why Bellhorn rules, even if he's got a lot of strikeouts under his belt. ;)

No, but seriously, it's a fascinating book, even if you're not much of a baseball fan. It's a great story about how MLB is resisting (both consciously & unconsciously) using the multitudes of player statistics to form a better baseball team. To me, it's stunning how much of the managing is done on gut instinct rather than analysing the data. But then, i've been brainwashed by my statistic-spouting, fantasy-baseball-playing, pretty-damn-intelligent college friends, so i guess i was biased before i ever read the book and had the importance of walks laid out for me.

(yes, Jon, it's your copy that i'm rereading. i'll get it back to you someday, i swear!)


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