Friday, October 15, 2004

Honest Voices Reading List 

The websites referred to in this week's Doonesbury strips have been collected online in the Doonesbury FAQ.

Just in case that page gets updated, here's the links listed out

Monday: John Eisenhower: Why I will vote for John Kerry for President

Tuesday: WSJ reporter Fassihi's e-mail to friends

Wednesday: Why conservatives must not vote for Bush

Thursday: Going to war in Iraq was a mistake

Friday: Kerry Will Restore American Dignity

Saturday: George Will: A Questionable Kind Of Conservatism

Me, i think both candidates are less than ideal. but what you call flip-flopping, i call being able to incorporate newly available data into your thinking. i want a president able to use his brain. of course, it doesn't hurt that Kerry also seems to think that not alienating the rest of the globe is a good thing (while i'm proud to be an American, i'm prouder to simply be a human being. call me a citizen of the world, thank you very much.) That's not all that's going on in my head, but i don't really feel like turning this into a political blog, so let's just say that for those reasons and many more, yeah, i'm voting for Kerry.

and yeah, Doonesbury rocks my world. :)

ETA: Saturday's article


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