Thursday, November 04, 2004

No political rantage here 

Just a link to a map where the presidential vote is broken out county by county.

  • not a single county in my current state went red. wacky. (but some individual towns sure did)
  • my home county (the one of my formative years) went red. this surprises no-one. my dad has often suggested that he is registered Democrat just so his vote will have more weight in the primaries.
  • turns out that's the only county i've ever lived in that voted red. apparently, extended exposure to me turns the neighbors Republican. interesting.
  • And wait! My hometown went for Kerry?! Color me stunned.
  • i should be ashamed at how much i had to dig to figure out what county i lived in in grad school. it was two whole years, dangit. but i should have known it would be an island of blue in a sea of red [it's firmly in the south, but dominated by its liberal university-centered community].

    ok, so that list is probably only interesting to me. but the map will hold equally interesting insights for everyone, i bet. a not-quite-as-cool but still-of-interest map showing the states as shades of purple is also available.

    (County map shamelessly lifted from elklad. I've seen the shaded map too many places, so i'll just let Boing Boing have the credit.)


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