Thursday, July 14, 2005

Giving in to Baseball's siren call 

Because i use these links more than i care to admit, here they are nicely categorized.

Red Sox schedule

Red Sox news

  • Red Sox official site
  • Boston.com Red Sox page
  • CBS SportsLine
  • Yahoo news for Red Sox
  • Yahoo news of Bellhorn
  • Diehard Magazine
  • Pawtucket Sox official site

    Red Sox Media

  • Yahoo images for Red Sox
  • ESPN Red Sox photos
  • Yahoo images for Bellhorn
  • Yahoo images for Wakefield
  • Top Plays Video Archive at MLB

    Baseball/Red Sox blogs

  • Baseball Musings
  • LJ Red Sox Community
  • Over the Monster
  • Friendly Fenway (sorta defunct)
  • Firebrand of the AL
  • BaseballBlogs.org

    Learning about Baseball

  • Wiki main baseball page
  • Lingo
  • Different pitches
  • Mechanics of pitches
  • How to keep a scorecard
  • Explanation of that Rule 5 stuff
  • Explanation of options/waivers

    Stats-oriented stuff

  • Red Sox team stats
  • Baseball Musings Day-By-Day analyser
  • Stats 101
  • Abbreviations
  • site with history/stats of various parks
  • Baseball Records
  • Fangraphs which puts the stats into graphical form


  • Revisiting the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Do clutch hitters exist?

    Bellhorn obsessive sites

  • Bellhorn (a fan site)
  • MarkBellhorn.net (another fan site)
  • I’m gonna make you love Mark Bellhorn (discussion of why he doesn’t suck)


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