Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wherein I make up for 2 months of silence 

An abundance of riches! A plethora of intriguing sites!

  • Getting ready for Halloween? Feeling a little tentative about your carving techniques? Try out your designs before touching a knife.

  • The Dynamic Einstein Picture Generator. There is no end to the joy this can create. well, not until you crash the site. (thanks to snideclown for this one)

  • They claim it is useful. I'm not so sure. But it is a fun interface for browsing graphic novels, at least for a minute or two.

  • I suspect there's a few hidden gems on here. But I don't have QuickTime installed at work, and I refuse to download iTunes just to get the QuickTime plugin. So the verification that this has the best ads on tv will have to wait til a later time.

  • Who'da thought that the Amish would have a FAQ? No, it's not a joke site, and apparently the answers come from honest-to-goodness Amish. i suspect they didn't type in the answers themselves tho.

  • The Morning News has compiled a list of one star Amazon reviews of the top 100 novels since 1923 according to Time Magazine. Go forth and giggle!

  • Take a break from shaking your head over the Intelligent Design trial and enjoy Paul Rucker's reimagining of Genesis.

  • Dictionaries are not to be trusted. But it's for a good cause.


    Love that dictionary link. very funny.

    btw, the one star amazon review link does not work :-(

    By Blogger Laura, at 26 October, 2005 13:50  

    it does now!

    (thanks for catching that -- too many links, not enough attention to detail!)

    By Blogger Stoat, at 26 October, 2005 13:57  

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