Monday, January 26, 2004

Has no one else noticed... 

... that Lost In Translation is NOT a comedy?

it's a damn fine drama. i really enjoyed it, and one of my first reactions after seeing it was "Bill Murray deserves an Oscar for this."

so i'm happy that he has a Golden Globe to sit on his desk, and he should be very proud of his work, but dammit, Johnny Depp was in an honest-to-god comedy and thus should be clutching that award right now. just like Finding Nemo should have a Best Comedy GG, leaving me sad yet accepting about Bend It Like Beckham's loss.

I know they just figured that LiT had no chance against Mystic River & ROTK, and thus decided to stick it in the comedy category. But its wrong wrong wrong (man, i write that a lot) and people in charge of the categories should be ashamed of themselves. Bending the rules like this leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and LiT doesn't deserve that as a legacy.

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Friday, January 23, 2004

Save me from myself 

Just found this intriguing entry over at Neil Gaiman's Journal:

Are you aware of the appallingly addictive Hamlet text adventure found here:

http://www.robinjohnson.f9.co.uk/adventure/hamlet.html# ?

I miss text-based adventures like Zork and Adventure. Stab Claudius With Scissors. Talk To Ophelia. Get Fluff.

and in just five minutes' playing I was hooked. (Play flute. Talk to ghost.)

Have i tried it yet? egads, no. i want to keep my job. i spent way too much of the workday yesterday playing penguin baseball to risk another online distraction. but tomorrow? i may not leave the apartment if it's any good.

sadly, penguin baseball seems to be blocked from the world right now. but maybe it will be back...

Update: Wahoo! Penguin baseball has resurfaced!

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Where in the world have I been? 

create your own visited country map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Such conflicting emotions as I created this map....

so why is it i haven't been out of the country since Montreal in 2001, and not off the continent since, um, [oh how embarassing] 1998??!?!? this is just wrong wrong wrong and needs to be fixed incredibly soon.

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Friday, January 16, 2004

Can this be real? 

Apparently there is a product called Wettex which is, and i certainly do quote, "A water wetting agent that actually makes water wetter by breaking surface tension."

Makes water wetter? I simply can't get my mind around the concept. Less viscous perhaps? but water is my Platonic ideal of non-viscous liquid.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Patrick Nielsen Hayden is my hero! 

ok, i already new that he had an uber-cool blog (as well as an uber-cool wife). But in a response to John Scalzi's post about the 100 most misspelled words, Patrick gave this advice:

The root of "separate" is the same "par" as you'll find in "paring knife".

yay! i have a memorable (ie logicial) rule now! gad, etymology rules! i really wish I'd taken Latin or Greek or some useful language like that.

(and am i the only one in the world with a mental block about spelling "rehearsal"? i can't believe that's not on the list -- i'm incredibly self-conscious about the years i spent writing it as "rehersal"...)

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Monday, January 05, 2004

Why do you say TV rules my life? 

Just because i got thru 7 episodes of Angel this weekend? or because all those episodes were saved from last season? or because i couldn't rely on the "scenes from last week" for the one episode i managed to not tape and was compelled to read the recap at Television Without Pity?

or because Amy was way too cool for words in getting me a Christmas present -- an autographed picture of Andy Hallett -- ie, Lorne, the karaoke demon. I'm very tempted to frame it and have it be the only thing hanging on the wall in my apartment (yep, been here 2 years and still no wall art).

But really, the main reason for this post is the discovery of TV Tome. I've found that the official sites for tv shows don't tend to tell you when the next non-repeat episode is airing (probably cuz they and their advertisers want you to watch every week). but now i've got a place to check when i should be setting my VCR -- they've got episode lists for every show i care about and lots i don't. Sure to be a regular visiting place for me.

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